From Our Clients

I have worked with Reggie Lyon and his retail service organization since the inception of my consulting business in 2004. Channel Source has met or exceeded expectations providing high quality retail servicing for all of assigned projects. Those projects have included retail servicing in Albertson's, Meijer and Walgreens. Channel Source is currently working on a project for my organization in Meijer stores installing displays and providing the retail merchandising servicing needed to continue the success of program. I would strongly recommend Channel Source as your merchandising company resource.

Jim Taratunio - Managing Director/Principal
New York

I am writing to recommend a client of mine, “ Channel Source Merchandising Group”. `This company has the capacity and knowledge to perform merchandising services within any of your markets. I highly recommend that you give Channel Source the green light to work for you. I know that their ability to handle your needs on both large and small projects will result in an efficient and timely quality of work for your clients and stores.

Mike Jones - Retail Chain All Access LLC

I am writing this letter to recommend Reginald Lyon as a Third Party retail service purveyor. Channel Source, Mr. Lyon’s service organization, coordinated and executed a myriad of service projects in Wal-Mart stores on behalf of DEL Laboratories over an 8+ year time period (2000-08). Channel Source assisted us in executing everything from simple retail execution audits to planogram resets and pilot test programs. Channel Source literally adapted their retail force to our project needs.

Reginald provided a comprehensive package to us of results oriented services that allowed us to track the project at any step in the process. This allowed us the visibility necessary for accountability to our customer as well as tying the project to ROI calculations for the investment.

In terms of quantitative analysis, project post mortem indicated that Reginald’s group yielded a 97% completion rate within the specifications outlined. The biggest surprise was the completion rate in outlying markets that have historically been inadequately serviced by his competitors. Additionally, we have seen the anticipated bump of 11-14% in retail sales following the Channel Source service call (after action planogram reset analysis).

Bottom line, there are many choices available among retail service providers. However, Channel Source gave us the three (3) things we wanted and needed most:
1) Timely execution of projects
2) Action oriented response to rapidly changing retail marketplace conditions
3) Detailed follow-up to ensure accountability to account and corporate expectations

I endorse Channel Source as a service organization demonstrating competency, integrity, and reliability.

Kurt Kubiet - Director of Sales - Wal-Mart Team

Channel Source Merchandising provides consistent and reliable merchandise service that insures product is on the shelf ready for sale. This produces consistent sales on an every day basis and enhanced sales during peak holiday seasons. Channel Source provides the ability to handle projects both large and small with the same attention to detail. If you need quality merchandise services accomplished I recommend Channel Source as your merchandise company.

Kevin Baker, VP, Wal-Mart Team, DEL Laboratories